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Certified Development Banking Associate (CDBA) (ADFIAP Career Credentialing Program, Level I)

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Certificate in Development Bank Associate (CDBA)

A certificate in Development Bank Associate typically covers the fundamental principles and practices of development banking, which involves providing financial and technical assistance to support economic development and social progress. Below is a general outline of the topics that will be covered:

Module 1: Introduction to Development Banking

  1. Overview of development banking
  2. History and evolution of development banking
  3. Role of development banks in economic development
  4. Types of development banks
  5. Regional Development and Trends

Module 2: Development Banking Operations

  1. Financial products and services offered by development banks
  2. Loan appraisal and risk management
  3. Monitoring and evaluation of development projects
  4. Project finance and public-private partnerships

Module 3: Development Banking Policy and Strategy

  1. Development banking policy and regulation
  2. Development banking strategies and models
  3. Sustainable development and social impact assessment
  4. Cross-cutting issues in development banking (e.g., gender, environment, governance)
  5. Financial and Economic Appraisal
  6. Digital Transformation and Innovation
  7. Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and its impact on the banking sector

Module 4: Development Banking in Practice

  1. Case studies of successful development banking initiatives
  2. Best practices and lessons learned in development banking.
  3. Emerging trends and challenges in development banking
  4. Opportunities for careers in development banking

Assessments may include quizzes, assignments, case studies, and a final exam. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate as a Development Bank Associate, which can demonstrate knowledge and skills in development banking to potential

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Sep-04-23 - Sep-15-23


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