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Averting Financial Losses and Business Disruption Through Operational Risk Management

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Averting Financial Losses and Business Disruption Through Operational Risk Management

Operational risk is driven by complex, interconnected factors that can be difficult to disentangle, including human behavior, organizational processes, change agendas and cultural issues. Banks that formulate a winning approach to ORM create a risk culture based on formal rules on governance and capital requirements, as well intangible elements such as training and leading by example.

Banks that take a comprehensive approach to operational risk management recognize four broad areas that need attention – people, IT, organizational structure, and regulation. The bank then can develop key risk indictors that would serve as early warning signs of potential problems. Once the bank identifies and categorizes each risk, it can then decide on mitigation options.

Banks that are integrated and proactive about the way they manage organizational risk can realize real financial benefits and prevent the kind of catastrophe that can have consequences for years to come.

Target Participants:
Bank Officers involved in Risk Management, Lending , Program/Project/Portfolio Management and Operations

Lectures and Workhops

Key Take-Away:
This training will guide the bank on how to build an effective operational risk management capability to fully assess the bank’s existing risk profile and then identify all internal and external operational risk events.

Resource Speakers:
Compose of select group from ADFIAP’s pool of management experts and bank practitionerss
Target Participants
Senior Officers and Managers of banks and other financial institutions involved in strategic planning, program and product development, and business development
Lecture / Structured Discussion /Workshop
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May 29, 2023


June 2, 2023


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